Tuesday, January 25, 2011

#2 First Weekend Trip Valencia/Alicante

Last weekend Garrett, Mark, and I went to Valencia and Alicante, which is a city a little further south down the coast, for a night each. This is a pic of us at a castle in Alicante. Our first night was in Valencia and we met up with Tad and Gustman for dinner and beers to start off the night. After a while we went to our first bar and while we were having our first round there we see these two tall women and a midget dressed up with facepaint and shit. It was weird as fuck so we got the hell out of there. At the second bar/club close to the end of the night Garrett was already visibly more drunk than everyone else so we told him to go check out the dance floor for any potentials. After a while he never came back and we were ready to leave so we go to find him and he is grinding on this old, ugly spanish woman. So we yank him off this woman and call it a night. Our second night in Alicante was a lot more fun and probably the most we have drank all semester. We started with a few bottles of wine on the roof of our hostel and meet these three english girls, a magician, and the magicians hot ass bitch from iceland. So we eventually go out with all of these people but the whole pregame we had our own personal magic show and this guy was fucking amazing. So when we get to the club mark and I decide to get real fucked up so we ordered a couple rounds of absinthe. After a few minutes of no hallucinations we buy a few more. We never ended up hallucinating, it just tastes like gasoline and got us incredibly fucked up. At this point we are both blackout with no idea where garrett went (turned out he was making out with one of the British chicks) and we start mingling with the locals. After mark was done talking to each girl he tells them to hit him up on facebook and gives them garrett's name. Also, I had friend requests from two black girls and a fat bitch. What a fucking night.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tel Aviv Holla

wuz good brethren, day 2 in tel aviv and I wanted to throw a stamp on the future nobel-prize-in-literature-winning blog studyabro. pretty funny story, last night after we got in a bunch of people who just met on the program had a pregame and went to some club downtown. the place was packed and this one guy scott was absolutely destroyed, and he wandered off from the group for a little bit. we lost track of him in this crowded place and started to worry about whether or not he had passed out in some back alley and gotten jumped or something. all of a sudden we see him, so fucked he looks like a zombie, with an enormous sweaty 6'5 white dude walking around with his arm around his shoulder and whispering sweet nothings in his ear. scott was too drunk to realize the guy was gay and this went on for a solid 15 minutes. then out of the blue some other israeli dude starts arguing with the enormous sweaty white guy. i caught snippets of the conversation and they were 100 percent arguing about who had the trump card on investigating scotts butthole later that night. the israeli dude threw some vodka in the enormous guys face, and i got really pumped and just starting yelling the infinitive hebrew word of "to fight" to try and start a brawl. eventually, a whole section of the club was laughing while i was screaming "TO FIGHT, TO FIGHT!" as these guys grappled until they got kicked out.
hopefully some pictures to come soon. miss all my boys from back home. also, i think itd be solid if people posted their spring break dates to see whats good around then; mine is a couple weeks in mid-march and I'm thinking of booking a ticket to Spain or Italy.
much love,

Monday, January 17, 2011

#1 Transcontinental Bitch Chant

The first successful international powerhour went down last night between mark, garrett, and myself in spain and matthews, sule, and ankney in 3C. Garrett mark and I ended up using 40's of San Miguel instead of cans because it was cheaper (1.2 euro per 40). Anyways, towards the end of the powerhour (so it was actually like the 75th minute) garrett was at the end of his second 40. As we all know, drinking the ass of a luke warm 40 is not very fun, but you gotta do what you gotta do. So garrett downs the entrails of his San Miguel, gags a couple of times, and then throws up in his hands. He then said "Dont worry guys, its just foam". This sparked the first transcontinental bitch chant. A few minutes later we get a knock on our door from the next door neighbor telling us to quiet down because people were sleeping.

On another note that same day we went to park guell in barcelona and got a pretty sweet view of the city. Here is a video of it.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

First Post Bitches

Just got done with our first day trip on our third day in Barcelona here are some pics of the castle we saw and a view of the city