Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tel Aviv Holla

wuz good brethren, day 2 in tel aviv and I wanted to throw a stamp on the future nobel-prize-in-literature-winning blog studyabro. pretty funny story, last night after we got in a bunch of people who just met on the program had a pregame and went to some club downtown. the place was packed and this one guy scott was absolutely destroyed, and he wandered off from the group for a little bit. we lost track of him in this crowded place and started to worry about whether or not he had passed out in some back alley and gotten jumped or something. all of a sudden we see him, so fucked he looks like a zombie, with an enormous sweaty 6'5 white dude walking around with his arm around his shoulder and whispering sweet nothings in his ear. scott was too drunk to realize the guy was gay and this went on for a solid 15 minutes. then out of the blue some other israeli dude starts arguing with the enormous sweaty white guy. i caught snippets of the conversation and they were 100 percent arguing about who had the trump card on investigating scotts butthole later that night. the israeli dude threw some vodka in the enormous guys face, and i got really pumped and just starting yelling the infinitive hebrew word of "to fight" to try and start a brawl. eventually, a whole section of the club was laughing while i was screaming "TO FIGHT, TO FIGHT!" as these guys grappled until they got kicked out.
hopefully some pictures to come soon. miss all my boys from back home. also, i think itd be solid if people posted their spring break dates to see whats good around then; mine is a couple weeks in mid-march and I'm thinking of booking a ticket to Spain or Italy.
much love,

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